The Griot Collection - Ora No. 2

Ancestor Index

The Griot Collection - Ora No. 2


Ancestor Index | Griot Collection
The Ora Series

8 x 8 art print on archival art paper
100% cotton, 250 GSM, acid free
Features a .375in border around design

Qty: 40

*Available thru 6.28.24

The prints delve into the profound stories of Black Migration, capturing the spirit of movement and change. Amidst this journey, Black Women emerge as central figures, embodying strength, grace, and vulnerability. The inclusion of clay objects serves as a symbolic bridge, connecting the tactile with the ethereal, embodying the versatile layers of cultural identity.


The Ancestor Index (AI) is a visual record of Hadiya's ancestral generations. Created with MidJourney this work represents the connection between her terrestrial and generative art.